“Untitled” (transit map)
cotton, wool, nylon, paper woven on 8 harness floor loom | 127 x 153 cm | 2021

A Glitch in the Matrix of Memory
silkscreen print on muslin, tape, taper | 270 x 110 cm | 2018 

Inhalation, Exhalation 
monofilament, polyester, metallic nylon film | 135 x 120 cm | 2020 

Air goes in
Air goes out

At what point do they pass the baton?

monofilament, polyester, metallic nylon film, cotton | 166 x 139 cm | 2020 

I think it’s pretty amazing to think about how within a teeny tiny seed  it contains all the necessary knowledge for it to grow and become a fully grown plant on its own. Maybe that’s the case for any and all purely existing beings.

Dawn Air 
digital print | 175 x 85 cm | 2020